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F C Agrawal Coal was founded in 1974 by Shri Fakirchand C Agrawal with the objective of coal trading. The firm started by trading in Domestic coal. The firm grew by leaps and bounds over the next 26 years. Mr F C Agrawal was joined in the business by his children Mr Shyam F Agrawal and Mr Pawan F Agrawal in 1997 and 2003. The company started importing coal from 2005. At present the company is importing about 1 million MT of coal per year from Indonesia and South Africa.

Indonesian coal ranging from GAR 3800 to GAR 5000 is imported by the Company and is primarily for the Boiler and gasifier market. The firm is doing stock and sell at Kandla, Navlakhi, Hazira and Bhavnagar. Its is actively looking towards expanding its operations to other ports in the West Coast of India.

South African coal ranging from NAR 6000 to NAR 4800 is imported by the Company and is primarily supplied to Sponge Iron, Cement and Lime manufacturers. Same is predominantly sold thru the ports of Kandla and Navlakhi.

The company is an end to end supplier of imported coal. It ensures that coal from mines in Indonesia and South Africa is delivered upto the plant of the customer. The company has full expertise on all logistical activities including sea freight, as well as local freight thru truck and rail. The company banks with HDFC Bank and enjoys banking facilities of upto Rs 1 billion.

The Board of Directors are :

Mr F C Agrawal : Born in 1954, Mr Agrawal has done his studies from Ahmedabad Asarwa school He then worked at 1974. Mr Agrawal has experience in the Coal industry for 40 years.

Mr Shyam Agrawal : Born in 1975, Shyam bhai as he is popularly known studied from Ahemdabad College. Before joining in the family business he was involved with 1997. He has been in the coal industry for 20 plus years.

Mr Pawan Agrawal : Born in 1979, Pawan Bhai studied from civil eng Anand College. He presently looks after 2003 in the company.

F C Agrawal Coal is in the process of setting up their overseas operations in Singapore. This would help the company to expand the sourcing activity from Indonesia as well as help develop marketing into other markets such as Thailand, China, Vietnam etc. The company is actively partnering large international traders for Stock and Sell as well as Government Tender Business by taking care of local logistics, liaison and stock and sell marketing.

FC Agrawal Coal Pvt. Ltd.

Importer of All Kind of Steam Coal

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